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Great George

The Bell Named ’Great George’, the bell in the Wills Tower is, on one hand, the very embodiment of solidity and strength and a cultural object of high status and historical value, but on the other hand is just another synthesis of rock and iron that is worn by sun and wind and will tremble with vibration from natural forces. If you haven’t already been on the weekly Saturday tour, […]

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Bell – tests in the tower

Tests in the Tower With the help of James Wookey and Anna Horleston a seismometer has been set up in the Wills Tower so we can record what seismic or urban activity is vibrating and shaking the bell in the 215 feet tall Wills Tower. ‘A Day In The Life Of Great George ’ could be shown, […]

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The unsettled planet

The Unsettled Planet is a project funded by the Brigstow Institute, that will bring together a diverse group of researchers from the arts, humanities, and science – addressing the Brigstow theme of ‘living well with uncertainty’.  Michael Kendall will be working with Shirley Pegna, whose artistic research and practice is concerned with sound as material, together with Tamsin Badcoe (Department of […]

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